You SO Got This!: How to make next year count

I had a fantastic time speaking with Laura Klekar of Empower Everyday on her podcast “You SO Got This”, and along with sharing some of my own struggles in life and what we are trying to do here at DFine, we discussed how to overcome your own struggles and the importance of Goal Setting.

To Help with that I have put together an article on how to use Goal Setting to follow through on your goals for next year. Hope you enjoy!


You SO Got This!: How to use Goal Setting to make next year count!

We all know that with the end of the year we all take a moment to reflect on the past year and how we want to improve on various aspects of our life.

One of the most common areas people want to improve in, is overall fitness and weight management.

A crucial component to achieving the improvement you want to see, is goal setting.

Different Types of Goals:

End Goals

End Goals, are your overall final desired outcome. What is it that you want to achieve?

This can vary from fitting into a smaller cloths size (within reason), to being able to play with your children or grandchildren without tiring easily.

External Goals

Theses are smaller “micro goals”. External goals can range from running a 5K to walking up 10 flights of stairs.

These small victories are importance, as they help keep motivation high along the way to your End Goals!

Why is Goal Setting so important?

Goal setting helps to ingrain the “lifestyle change” mind set.

As anyone who has tried getting fit knows, staying on track can be a difficult task. Not only can things like illness, or injury get in the way, but even your own motivation can stop you from maintaining a consistent fitness plan.

Setting realistic goals along a reasonable timeline is extremely important to keeping you safe while staying motivated towards your health and wellness dreams.

So how do I get started?

Remember it’s the small steps that make the biggest impact! You are stronger than what you know, but you have to go outside your comfort zone to realize it!

Good luck

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