Waistline and Wallet Take a Hit!

Fitness Fact: Your waistline AND your wallet take a hard hit with poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle! A study from the Centers for Disease Control Prevention and research institute found that obese people paid $1,929 (49%) more for medical care (excluding prescription medications) in 2010 than healthy-weight individuals. In addition those who not were considered “obese, or overweight”, but in poor cardiovascular, circulatory and muscle endurance condition paid $1,281 (41%) more for medical care (excluding prescription medications) ! Obesity is no longer just a problem of the few: According to the CDC, more than one in three (39.8%) adults 20 and older is obese. Even more sobering is the rate at which Americans under the age of 18! A separate study found for non-Hispanic whites, 38.9 percent of males and 32.5 percent of females. For non-Hispanic blacks, 36.8 percent of males and 45.2 percent of females. For Mexican Americans, 49.8 percent of males and 48.0 percent of females. The rate at which medical care of preventable disease for America’s youth is exponentially going up every year. Lastly, this study did not take into account those Americans below the age of 18 that at not in the obese or overweight category, but can’t meet basic levels of physical fitness!

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