Tomato or Tomatillo?

Nutrition Fact: Tomato…Tomatillo what’s the difference right? Wrong! We all love our tasty friend the ripe and red tomato, but it has a powerhouse cousin the tomatillo which comes from South America. The tomatillo is a green and tangy superfood, which like it’s `red cousin” is a super cancer-stopper! The tomatillo is high in anolides. These chemical compounds that prevent colon-cancer cells from… forming. According to a study released from the University of Illinois in Chicago anolides are bursting from the tomatillo! If you have never eaten one before get to your local grocery store and dice em’, chop em’ and eat em’ raw in your favorite salsa, tossed in olive oil with fresh basil and garlic or gazpacho. If you love comfort food try them cooked in chili.

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