Take a Walk on The Dark Side!

Nutrition Fact: Take a walk on the dark side from time to time! We all know that in chicken and turkey dark meat has more fat than white meat does, but do you know what the actual difference is?  That extra fat in dark meat raises your levels of cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that makes you feel fuller, longer. This has been proven to make you to make people avoid overeating in the hours that follow the meal. Only a third of the fat in a turkey drumstick is the saturated kind, according to the USDA food database. The rest of the two-thirds are heart-healthy unsaturated fats. A drum roll for the finale, 89% of that saturated fat either has no impact on cholesterol or raises HDL (good) cholesterol more than LDL (bad) cholesterol this result lowers your heart-disease risk.  A 3 oz serving size will have an average of 160 calories. Now that is what we call a bang for your calorie buck!

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