Summertime Showdown!

Nutrition Fact: What side do you fall on in the age old summertime dilemma of iced tea vs lemonade?  Iced tea (unsweetened) especially made with green tea us packed full of antioxidants and naturally a low form of caffeine.  The summertime standby has less than 3 calories per serving (depending on tea type) and can be flavored with many types of citrus from oranges, limes or lemons as well as a variety of mints! Lemonade on the other hand is sits at 300 calories and 74 grams of sugar per serving (depending on brand). Virtually all of the sugary sweetness in this cup comes from added processed sugars. Sound like that other types of summertime liquid candy we call soda. By switching to unsweetened tea and adding sugar yourself (or a sugar substitute like stevia or Truvia), you can control the number of empty calories in your summer!

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