Whether it's athletics, event specific training or entrance physical exam preparation the knowledge of a professional strength and endurance trainer is key. Progression based on scientific advancement of the muscle tissue and development of oxygen specific use is crucial. D'fine is proud to have some of the best strength and endurance trainers in the industry who judge their success on yours! Each client receives:

  • Individualized resistance programs designed to build the foundational elements and develop targeted muscle tissue.
  • Specific cardiovascular prescription developed to condition the lungs, cardiovascular and circulatory systems and maximize performance.
  • Monthly Volume Progression calculations.
  • Membership to D'fine Definitions E-Newsletter
  • Access to Members Only section of D'fine website
  • Access to D'fine Facebook page with new fitness and nutrition tips posted daily.
  • Specific protein and nutritional suggestions based on targeted goals.

Invest In Your Health

Whole life centered Fitness and Nutrition, focused on educating, supporting and inspiring individuals on their own unique wellness journeys.