Personal Training: One on one interaction, guidance and support using a specific tier oriented plan to achieve your health and fitness goals! Accountability, motivation and proven knowledge culminate with pristine focus to effectively and efficiently reach your aspiration.

30, 60 and 90 minute sessions available

Personal Training for Two: Things are always better when you have a partner to train with you! You still get the one and one interaction, guidance and support of a personal trainer, you just have someone you know there to work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

30, 60 and 90 minute sessions available

Fitness Assessment: Every journey needs an accurate starting point!  In the fitness assessment your body composition, absolute strength, dynamic strength, flexibility, balance and cardio condition levels are accurately assessed and identified. In addition, this is the most accurate way to track individual progress and accountability.

Requires 2 hour assessment appointment

Nutrition Assessment: What you put in is as important as how you burn it off!  In a nutritional assessment you daily eating habits are documented for an accurate picture of where your nutritional adjustments should begin.  The following intake levels are identified; calories, fats, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, fibers and protein. A one hour consultation is required to explain the findings and new suggestions.

Nutritional assessment form completion and one hour consultation required

Corporate Wellness: Getting your office into shape is easy and motivating!  Your employees will enjoy the physical benefit provided with possible insurance cost reductions for both  you and them (depending on your plan and carrier).

Annual, semi-annual, quarterly and weekly plans available
Include your choice fitness and nutritional workshops, weekly newsletter with tips and ideas, nutritional and fitness assessments, group fitness workouts and personal training plans.

Youth Fitness Education: (under 18)-Health and fitness habits start early!  Fitness and nutritional camps are a great way to motivate and involve your child and friends to be active.
2 hour, 8 hour and 2 day camps available

Boot Camps: Ready to tone and achieve complete body success?  The popularity and effectiveness of boot camps has been proven, but you’ve never experienced one like this!  Using opposite muscle techniques to push your body to the next level is just the beginning.

Invest In Your Health

Whole life centered Fitness and Nutrition, focused on educating, supporting and inspiring individuals on their own unique wellness journeys.