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DALLAS, June 10, 2015 – Childhood obesity, bullying and a world record are intertwined in the Highway for Health project in 2015 lead by athlete Danielle Girdano. She will ride her bicycle from Chicago IL to Los Angeles CA in September of this year to raise awareness and funds to fight childhood obesity and bullying. During this ride across America she will also be attempting to break a world record completing the route faster than the current record holder, Iris Kline, who completed the route in 44 days in 2010.

The route itself is the historic Route 66 which was the first super highway to connect the Midwest to the West Coast. Girdano herself is a survivor of both childhood obesity and bullying and understands the toll it takes not only on the child, but family as well. This will be her second long distance ride across the country, with the first having taken place in 2010 riding north to south for a project called Ride The Arc. “The pain and patterns connected with these two epidemics in our society must be stopped; after all, they are both 100% preventable. With knowledge, motivation and awareness we will save lives!” Girdano passionately explains.

Proceeds from Highway For Health will support the Fitnessgram program through the Cooper Institute, community gardens in Los Angeles and North Texas and kids fitness camps. The Highway For Health project will also give tools and resources to parents and caregivers through seminars, digital outlets and services.

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For more information about the project please visit www.highwayforhealth.org


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