Eat the Veggies and Fruit, Not the Just the Juice!

Nutrition Fact: Beware of your “equal servings”! Mott’s has a new product on the market, Mott’s Fruit Medleys, which is promoted as a substitution for real fruits and vegetables. But fruits and vegetables have fiber; this Mott’s product has none. The Mott’s label says that each bottle contains two servings of fruits and vegetables, but what’s really in there isn’t! The biggest health benefit of fruits and vegetables is the fiber. Fiber slows digestion while filling the stomach and fights a multitude of diseases. A recently released study from the Archives of Internal Medicine reports those who consumed the most fiber have a 24% lower chance of premature death from ANY cause. Currently the majority of Americans are getting less than half the fiber required by their bodies. A single apple has more than four grams of fiber, which is four grams more than a bottle of Mott’s Apple Medleys!

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