Danielle Girdano has agreed to become the Fitness Adviser to Synergy WorldWide.


Release Contact: Dan Hammer

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August 19th, 2013


For Immediate Release

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to announce that Danielle Girdano has agreed to become the Fitness Adviser to Synergy WorldWide. Danielle is President of D’fine Sculpting & Nutrition LLC and chairs the Wellness Committee of the Small Business Advocacy Counsel (SBAC) in Chicago. She is also a valued member of the prestigious Advisory Board for the Cooper Institute of Dallas, TX.

Danielle recently released the results of the 2013 Chicago Sky Study, which was part of a corporate wellness initiative for the SBAC of Chicago.

The 25 participants in this study consisted of corporate staff members that oversee the operation of the Chicago Sky Women’s Professional Basketball Team. And, just like most of corporate America, they were out of shape and physically and nutritionally in need of a major makeover.

Danielle used a comprehensive approach of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change in a 12-week study. Central to this study was the use of ProArgi-9+, an L-arginine complexer from Synergy WorldWide, formulated to improve nitric oxide production leading to improved circulation.

The inclusion of ProArgi-9+ had a remarkable impact on cardiovascular health as well as the strength and conditioning components of this study. The results of the 2013 Chicago Sky Study are available online or can also be obtained by contacting Danielle at 214-558-9768 or dgirdano@dfineyourhealth.com

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